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Preparedness Planning

7 Valuable Lessons Learned as a Prepper

  Preparedness is a lifestyle.  This habit or way of life isn’t developed over night.  It is essentially unlearning former habits of living carelessly and unaware to living strategically in order to thrive when disaster strikes. The process takes place in a person’s life accompanied with challenges and lessons learned along the way.  These lessons help us to improve or warn us ...

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6 SHTF Scenario Lessons Learned from the Fort McMurray Fire

fort mcmurray shtf scenario

  Imagine being at work when you look out the window and see a huge orange glow coming from the direction of where your house is located.  Then you hear on the news that there is a huge fire destroying homes in the same area.  In this SHTF scenario there will be tons of thoughts running through your mind at a ...

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Why Preppers Should Be Concerned About Donald Trump and Elections

  As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate, action: you liberate a city by destroying it. Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests. – Gore Vidal If you live in the United States then you are really aware of the ...

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8 Challenges Every New Prepper Will Face

  Good things do not come easily.  If you want something that is worthwhile and valuable then you will have to work hard at it consistently with patience.  In our society we are used to having everything quickly such as microwavable food, fast food and ordering things online.  Then when something that we really want becomes hard or takes too ...

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10 Important Things Preppers Should Do Before Traveling

traveling prepper

  On November 13, 2015 130 people were killed by a terrorist attack in Paris, France.  Another 468 people were seriously injured as well.  This is alarming because Paris is a major tourist city that brings in hundreds of thousands of people per year.  As a prepper this makes you aware of the danger that accompanies traveling. Of course terrorist ...

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5 Things to Prep for the Election Season

  It is easy to get caught up into the hype of the election season.  This is especially true when you have a law breaking president in office and other crooked politicians in the Congress.  We can become so passionate that we lose focus on everything else. This is not good for a prepper.  We must be focused on being ...

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How to Freeze Dry Food

how to freeze dry food

  Having a stockpile of food is essential for every prepper regardless of the SHTF scenario.  There are multiple options when it comes to stocking up on food.  You can buy canned food, rice, MREs, grow and can your own or freeze dry.  In this article we will be speaking about how to freeze dry food. How to Freeze Dry ...

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Prepper Groups Must Have These 7 People

prepper groups

  There is strength in numbers.  Finding prepper groups is something that you should begin searching for now.  There is no way to possibly survive for a reasonable amount being alone after the SHTF.  In rough times people come together.  Sometimes it is for good but more often than naught it is for bad. When SHTF happens you will have ...

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